Embrace The Suck, Hillary: Michael Sussmann & Marc Elias Had No Security Clearances

These people are stupid.

While reading through all of the filings in the Michael Sussmann case, the Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer and political operative who has been indicted by Special Counsel John Durham on exactly one single count of lying to a federal official, I kept wondering what other charges Durham could indict Sussmann for, should he choose to.

And I suddenly realized that a major charge that Sussmann could be hit with has been staring us all in the face ever since Durham revealed that Hillary Clinton’s private spies had taken data from the Executive Office of the President and used it in an updated and revised version of their Alfa Bank hoax that Clinton’s private dirty tricksters had then delivered to the CIA.

Durham made his filing revealing the private contractor network electronically spying on Trump & his associates for Hillary Clinton on February 11, 2022.

That was more than two months ago. And I confess I didn’t fully grasp what Durham was trying to show us all in that filing.

You see, I knew that Joffe and his fellow Georgia Tech researchers working with him on this spying project had security clearances. I mean, they’re federal contractors hired to do cybersecurity work for the government. They by **necessity** have to get high level national security clearances to access the kind of places they do their cybersecurity work.

Like, let’s say for no reason whatsoever, just an example…the Executive Office of the President.

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