Durham Continues To Expose Clinton’s Private Spying Network That Targeted Trump & Associates

Late on the afternoon of April 6, the Special Counsel’s Office team led by prosecutor John Durham made a new filing, designated #64 in the case file.

And what a filing it was!

Right after Durham first revealed in a filing two months ago that Clinton had been directing and funding what was literally her own private spy network surveilling Donald Trump and his close associates, the Fake News Media leaped to do damage control.

Story after angry story appeared furiously asserting either that Durham had alleged no such thing about a ‘private spying network targeting Trump’ or if he had, that he was a crazy conspiracy theorist that needed to be quickly fired by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

But far from backing away from or downplaying the claim, despite the intense media criticism and pressure attempting to get him to moderate the allegations, Durham has used each subsequent filing in the Sussmann case to double down and expand on it.

Let’s go over the main points of this latest filing, which you can read for yourself right here.

Main page for the Durham case.

#64 in United States v. Sussmann (D.D.C., 1:21-cr-00582)

[Exhibit A was filed under seal and only the judge and the two teams of attorneys can see it]

Exhibit B – #64, Att. in United States vs. Sussmann

Exhibit C – #64, Att. #3 in United States vs. Sussmann

The main filing designated as Durham #64 is about this:

The Democratic National Committee [DNC], Hillary Clinton & all her campaign folks [designated as “Hillary For America” or “HFA”], Fusion GPS, Perkins Coie, Neustar and Georgia Tech researchers involved in this case are all arguing to the court that they shouldn’t have to unredact documents already provided to the Special Counsel or turn over other documents by invoking attorney client privilege.

Just by itself, Fusion GPS is claiming they can’t turn over 1,455 documents because of the attorney/client privilege issue. Durham counters this claim by pointing out that only 18 emails and attachments out of the 1,455 have an attorney involved at all.

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