EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden texted Hallie that China arrested CIA informants in ‚retaliation‘ for the U.S. arresting ‚my client the chief of intelligence of the people’s republic of China‘

“You’re right Hallie and I find myself… very alone in dealing with rebuilding an income that can support an enormous alimony and my kids costs and myself, dealing with the aftermath of the abduction and likely assassination (that’s what NYT’s suspects) of my business partner the richest man in the world, the arrest and conviction of my client the chief of intelligence of the people’s republic of China by the US government, the retaliation of the Chinese in the ouster and arrest of US suspected CIA operatives inside China, my suspected involvement in brokering a deal with Vladimir Putin directly for the largest sale of oil gas assets inside Russia to China, a tax bill that Eric left hanging over my business and… And Dads running for president”

Hunter Biden sent these text messages to his brother’s widow Hallie Biden on December 14, 2018, at 10:31 AM according to text messages found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop by the non-profit research group “Marco Polo” headed by Garrett Ziegler, who worked as a White House policy analyst under former President Donald Trump.

All of Hunter Biden’s text messages found on his laptop, including those featured in this article, can be found compiled in a searchable 888-page pdf on Marco Polo’s website.

Founded in 2002, CEFC China Energy Company Limited (CEFC China) was the largest private oil and gas company in China when Hunter Biden began doing business with them in 2017.

As Hunter explained to his business partner Tony Bobulinski in text messages, he spoke with the Chairman of CEFC China Ye Jianming on a “regular basis” because we have “a standing once a week call as I am also his personal counsel (we signed an attorney client engagement letter) in the U.S.”

Hunter also said he was advising Ye “on a number of his personal issues (staff visas and some more sensitive things).”

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CEFC was part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, a global infrastructure development strategy adopted by the Chinese government in 2013 to invest in nearly 70 countries and international organizations, considered a centerpiece of Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s foreign policy.

In 2017, CEFC ranked 34th on the Fortune Global 500 Energy List with a business revenue of approx. $41.8 billion and a workforce of nearly 50,000. The company developed an international presence in Russia, Central Asia, Central and East Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

While Chinese state-owned businesses confer prestige in China — the optics of Chinese state-backed giants marching into foreign countries to buy and extract oil weren’t so great overseas.

This paved the way for private, under-the-radar firms like CEFC.

CEFC’s oil deals and investments were part of China’s geopolitical ambitions and President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative

These investments largely meshed with China’s strategy to court other countries through infrastructure and energy investment.

Source: CNN

In 2017, CEFC emerged from obscurity to a major player in China’s global ambitions, when it announced its most high-profile investment yet.

The Chinese conglomerate obtained a historic 14% stake in Russian state-owned energy giant Rosneft for $9 billion.

Ye Jianming, CEFC’s founder said the Rosneft purchase was mainly driven by China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

While Rosneft’s boss, Igor Sechin, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was keen to attract foreign investments to relieve the pressure of U.S. sanctions.

According to text messages obtained by Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinksi, Hunter Biden acted as a „personal attorney“ for Chairman Ye Jianming, in the deal to buy 14% of the Russian-state oil company facing U.S. sanctions.

Hunter refers to his role in representing the Chinese CEO in his text message to Hallie where he says, “my suspected involvement in brokering a deal with Vladimir Putin directly for the largest sale of oil gas assets inside Russia to China”.

Ye’s empire began to crumble on November 18, 2017.

On that day, FBI agents arrested Patrick Ho Chi-ping, the man Ye had employed to lead his NGO.

Ho was charged with money laundering and violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

According to the Justice Department, Patrick Ho flew to New York in the fall of 2014, with the intention of offering $3 million in bribes to African officials on behalf of CEFC.

In meetings at the United Nations, Mr. Ho laid the groundwork for millions of dollars of payments to the president of Chad and Uganda’s foreign minister in exchange for oil rights in the two countries, federal prosecutors said.

Film star Jackie Chan (left) and the then Hong Kong Home Affairs secretary Patrick Ho at an event raising money for the Jackie Chan Charitable foundation, the United Nations Children’s Fund and the Community Chest. Samantha Sin/AFP/Getty Images Source: CNN

In an audio recording of Hunter Biden extracted from the voice notes of his abandoned laptop, Hunter claimed to represent “Dr. Patrick Ho” who he referred to as the “spy chief of China”.

This is the same Dr. Patrick Ho, which Hunter referred to in text messages with Hallie Biden as “my client the chief of intelligence of the people’s republic of China”.

In another text message found on Hunter’s laptop, New York Times reporter Matthew Goldstein contacted Hunter on May 16, 2018, with questions about Patrick Ho’s first call after his arrest was made to Hunter’s uncle, James Biden.

Goldstein was also interested in learning more about Hunter’s legal representation of Ho and Hunter’s relationship with the chairman of CEFC, Ye Jianming.

Source: Marco Polo

In May 2017, two weeks after meeting with Joe Biden, Tony Bobulinski incorporated SinoHawk Holdings LLC, having decided against Hunter’s suggestion to call it CEFC America.

It would be a global investment firm seeded with $10 million of Chinese money that would buy projects in the US and around the world “in global and/or domestic infrastructure, energy, financial services, and other strategic sectors,” said the contract he had drawn up.

SinoHawk would be 50 percent owned by Ye Jianming, chairman of CEFC, through a Delaware-incorporated CEFC entity, Hudson West IV LLC.

The other 50 percent would be owned by Oneida Holdings LLC, another Delaware firm set up by Bobulinski.

Oneida would be split according to an email sent by James Gilliar to the group on May 13, 2017, laying out the distribution of shares.

“The equity will be distributed as follows,” wrote Gilliar, listing the shares in percentages. 

“20 H [Hunter] 

“20 RW [Walker] 

“20 JG [Gilliar]

“20 TB [Bobulinski]

“10 Jim [Biden]

“10 held by H for the big guy.”

In an August 2017 email, Robert Biden wrote that Ye Jianming, had agreed to a „rate of $10M per year for a three year guarantee total of $30M“ for „introductions alone“.

Hunter Biden called his father, Joe Biden, and his Chinese business partners “office mates” in a September 2017 email:

“Please have keys made available for new office mates,” Before listing Joe Biden, his stepmother Jill Biden, his uncle Jim Biden, and Gongwen Dong.

On September 8, 2017, the day the CEFC-Rosneft deal was announced, Hunter applied for a credit line to Hudson West III, an entity owned by Ye Jianming.

CEFC had already wired $5 million to the account before Hunter, James, and Sara Biden would become authorized users.

Ye has been missing since early 2018 after he was placed under investigation by the Chinese regime for “suspected economic crimes” and detained.

A state-owned enterprise took control of CEFC in March 2019, and, according to Chinese media Caixin, the firm declared bankruptcy in early 2020.

China’s retaliation against CIA operatives in response to the arrest of Hunter Biden’s client Patrick Ho was never reported by the corporate media although it is unlikely that the U.S. government would have disclosed the arrest of foreign informants.

And, while the FBI may cover up the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, the American people already know the facts about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden personally profiting from China’s Belt and Road Initiative and their financial entanglement with the “chief of intelligence of the people’s republic of China”.

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