Joe Rogan: Why vaccinate healthy children?

In a podcast episode released last Wednesday, New York Times best-selling author and conservative political commentator, Ben Shapiro, appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” to discuss his new book, The Authoritarian Moment: How the Left Weaponized America’s Institutions Against Dissent.

Rogan and Shapiro also discussed the topic of Covid-19, ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, and the push to vaccinate children. Rogan emphasized the fact that public health officials seem to be promoting a ‘brought to you by Pfizer’ vaccine narrative, while ignoring the science on obesity, vitamin D, and treatment options.

Rogan said: “They are ignoring some of the science. You don’t hear a peep out of any of these officials telling people, ‘hey folks, you have got to lose weight’. This is very important. When you look at the numbers of people that are obese that catch covid, it is really high. Here’s another one, vitamin D. You have got to increase your level of vitamin D. Either get regular sun exposure or take a supplement.”

The topic moved to monoclonal antibodies, which are under FDA emergency use authorization, and are a safe and effective treatment for Covid-19. Shapiro talked about how the Biden administration recently federalized the supply of monoclonal antibodies which stripped Florida of some of their needed supply of the life-saving treatment. Rogan responded:

“It’s not just trying to punish Florida, it’s trying to make it far more difficult to get this stuff because it discourages people from getting vaccinated. It’s the same thing that we were just talking about. It’s one treatment option. This is it, the vaccine. There is this one binary option and that is how people are looking at it and they are not taking into considering all of these other points of data that obesity is a factor, diet and exercise are a factor, vitamin supplementation is a factor. There is a lot of factors that is involved in keeping your body healthy, but this is not conducive to this ‘brought to you by Pfizer’ narrative. This f**kin narrative is scary.”

The conversation then moved onto the topic of the mRNA vaccines, their waning efficacy, and the lack of long-term safety data. Rogan said:

“The reality is that the vaccines do not work exactly how they were advertised. The original take on the vaccine was that it was going to be ninety-five percent effective and there is extremely rare instances of a breakthrough case and even in those cases you are going to be fine. I know fifteen f**kin people that have had breakthrough cases. They are not rare at all.”

Furthermore, Rogan emphasized that these mRNA vaccine technologies are not like previous vaccines, that they have never been used in humans until now, and that there is no long-term safety data available. Rogan continued:

“I am very pro vaccine, this is not a vaccine, this essentially a gene therapy. They’ve changed the term what a vaccine means because of this, you know that right? It’s relatively new and there is no long-term safety data. It does not exists…We are essentially in the middle of an experiment.”

“This is a long-term experiment with people.” he said. “We are going to find out whether it’s five years from now, ten years from now, but if you look at the vast majority of FDA approved drugs, if you look at all of them, out of the who knows how many thousands of drugs that have been approved, do you know how many have been pulled out once they found out there are adverse side effects after years and years of use? It’s f**kin nuts. It’s a crazy number.“

Rogan then pointed to the fact that vaccine trials normally take five to ten years because many adverse events are not discovered until sometimes even years after drugs have been approved by the FDA, bringing up the example of Merck’s painkiller, Viox, which was approved by the FDA in 1999 and recalled in 2004 due to causing an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Rogan continued:

“There is a reason why they do these trials over five to ten years. There is a reason for this. So everybody that is saying safe and effective, safe and effective, for most people yes, for most people safe and effective, so was Vioxx, so was Vioxx. I have a friend who had a stroke from Vioxx, and he was in his 30s. Okay, there have been 12,787 drug recalls issued by the FDA. On average, 1,279 drugs are recalled every year. Understand this. We don’t know what the f**k is going to happen in ten years.”

Rogan asked Shapiro what kind of rational argument can be made for vaccinating children due to the fact that children have such a low mortality risk for Covid-19. Shapiro replied:

“According to Marty Makary, who is my guy on this over at John Hopkins University, the epidemiologist. He says grand total the entire pandemic the number of kids who have died who are healthy is between ten and twenty. That is kids under-eighteen by the way. Ten to twenty. And that is a subgroup of seventy three million people in the United States.”

Rogan responded, “so why the push?”

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